Vibrant Saurashtra Expo & Summit

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VSES 2018


Addressing all of these technological flaws and knowledge-based inaccessibility; comes together the idea of having a grand Agro Summit where not only farmers but entire business segments that cater to agriculture supporting facilities can come together and accomplish the unattended problems to fruitful reforms.

Primary points of focus shall be on the following essential aspects: 

  • Exploring tools and techniques to increase per hectare yield production capacity of soils 
  • Enable the farmers in shortening the supply chain and eliminating the middle agents to ensure better returns and more affordable farming 
  • Develop market ready products so as to reduce the farmers' dependency on external players for sales 

Educate and make the farmers aware about the latest technology in farming to ensure better results and enable a more sustainable farming avenue Encourage Drip & Sprinkler Irrigation to optimize the cultivation activities and save the crops from suffering due to climatic challenges.



Vibrant Gujarat global summit is having a decade long success story. Vibrant Saurashtra Expo & Summit 2018 had been conceptualized to offer the same kind of platform, focused on Saurashtra. The Idea of bringing honorable PM Shri Narendra Modi's Vibrant legacy to regional level turned out very well with success of Vibrant Saurashtra Expo & Summit 2016.

By the encouragement and overwhelming response & greetings received from Exhibitors, Industrialists, Political Leader and Visitors, we would like to announce Vibrant Saurashtra Expo & Summit 2018 at this moment as the need of an hour for creating vibrant platform for the development of Agriculture Sector of Saurashtra region.

The Vibrant Gujarat Summit has given many a businesses and the state of Gujarat the opportunity to shine on a global level and showcase its entrepreneurial capabilities to the world. The same is expected as an outcome from Vibrant Saurashtra Expo & Summit 2018.