Find a Huge Market to make your Investments more Lucrative and Successful! Saurashtra is considered as one the most progressive and investor-friendly, for its robust social and physical infrastructure which is coupled with well-planned industrial policies. And with an aim to provide further impetus to the Strategic Partnerships in business; we have organized Vibrant Saurashtra summit; Vibrant Saurashtra Summits bring together industry stalwarts, investors from India and around the world, industrial associations, economic development organizations, eminent diplomats, sectoral experts and senior policy advisors.

Vibrant Saurashtra provides a perfect platform for the business opportunities, with a lot of global interactive activities like Thematic Seminars/Conferences, Conventions, Panel Discussions, Discussion Forums, B2B & B2G meetings, exhibition pavilions and other networking programs.


Talking about larger benefits to participants of Vibrant Saurashtra Summit:

  • Immense Global networking opportunities
  • Business opportunities across a global platform
  • One-on-one meetings with policy and regulation makers
  • Discussions on the latest information on all aspects of investment
  • Get to know about latest R&D in technology
  • Brand-Building platform
  • Create a sustainable partnership that translates into a mutually beneficial relationship
  • Directly connect with State Economic Development Organizations on current investment projects
  • Know the industry from industry experts