Myths & Benefits of Peanuts / Groundnut Oil

Gujarat is gearing towards a striving transformation in the sector of agriculture. Agri farming in Gujarat is reaching new heights with new age technology in soil testing, seed replacement technique, laboratories, electrification in the agro-rural sector and technological tutelage for the farmers to procure advanced methods of diversifying their crops and procuring best quality seeds. One of the robust production from the farmlands of Gujarat is ‘groundnuts’ with the annual production of a whopping 2892 thousand tonnes. This mega production has given India, the coveted position, as the second largest producer of groundnuts in the world. VSES2018 ushers an interactive ‘Groundnut festival’ and uses this as a platform to understand the myths and benefits of peanuts and groundnut oil. Various matters pertaining to exports, policies, technology and agri farming about groundnuts as well as other farm crops is included in the agenda. One strong purpose of the expo is to encourage educational and technological exchange between the highest per hector groundnut producing countries.

The popular salted peanuts nicknamed as ‘Timepass’ in India is one of the best healthy snacks. The goodness of naturopathy recommends the use of raw as well as cooked ‘singdana’ in the Indian cooking. Loaded with antioxidants to combat free radicals, peanuts is one great step towards acquiring good health. Contrary to the popular myth of that groundnuts leads to weight gain, it is in fact the ‘dieters’ choice’ as it helps a person feel full for a long time. It has zero percent cholesterol and is in fact recommended for people with high cholesterol levels. A cup full of peanuts is loaded with 773 calories, sufficient enough for athletes and school going children to help them in their pursuits. It contains proteins, calcium and also the goodness of iron. Moreover it is sugar free, so it also suits diabetics. Likewise, there are numerous Health Benefits of Groundnut Oil too.

It is realized that groundnuts are the panacea to good health. There are several myths of groundnut oil which needs to be erased so that people can enjoy its benefits. It is noted that food cooked in groundnut oil is immesnely tasty and has a distinct flavour. While there is much recommendation to use specifics oils to combat heart disease, groundnuts contain poly phenlic anti oxidant as  well as resveratol which ably fights heart diseases and stroke. In fact it is also protective against Alzheizmer which is fast spreading amongs  todays senior citizens. Another myth is that pregnant women are told to avoid peanuts but in fact it has a reasonable content of natural folic acid which is recommend by doctors an essential supplement throughout pregnancy for the health of the feotus. Peanuts are also a great choice for people who want to maintain excellent skin health, as the Vitamin E in it ample and helps in keeping the skin supple. It is truth revealing, that in the field of botany, peanuts are classified as legumes,  so they do not have the classic parameters of nuts.

Agriculture in Gujarat is the most sought after industry and there are several programs and platforms like Vibrant Saurashtra Expo & Summit that are propagating the increase in groundnut cultivation. The groundnut kernels from the farms of Gujarat go through rigorous testing procedures during sowing as well as professional packaging for in house consumption as well as exports. Thus quality is always ensured. It is to be noted that groundnut kernels are a huge demand internationally, and it is indeed an honorable feather in the cap of Gujarat, to gear its efforts now to be known as the single largest global producer of peanuts.

Thus the Groundnut festival at the expo of VSES2018 is one such podium that imparts knowledge on the essential requirements of land, soil, reaping and conditioning to enhance the production and cultivation of peanuts.