Innovation in Agriculture

GDP From Agriculture in India increased to 5722.27 INR Billion in the fourth quarter of 2017 from 3336.11 INR Billion in the third quarter of 2017 as compared to the India average of GDP from Agriculture 4026.84 INR Billion from 2011 until 2017, which promises for great things to come in future. Gujarat is one of the leading sectors in agri produce and food. Innovation is the reason for the success of sub states like Saurashtra, which has the abundance of produce like bajra, groundnuts, millet and cotton. It is overwhelming to know that the state has overcome much of its problems related to tilling, non-arable land and scarcity of water. This is due to the earnest efforts in upscaling the agriculture amenities that is the right of all farmers. It is an achievement to see various agricultural emancipations that are being conducted periodically, in an advanced stage to aid productivity, commercialization of produce, ploughing techniques and a myriad of well-being initiatives for the Gujarat agricultural community. This will be witnessed at VSES2018 is slated to cover the agriculture scene in Saurashtra in a mega expo atmosphere.

One of the most passionate works of the Gujarat government is the Innovative Approach to rural electrification. ‘Let there be light’, is translated to a literal meaning in Vibrant Saurashtra. The peninsula is now garnering towards an enhanced economic status due to the efforts in farming. The state now boasts to be power surplus supplying 3 phase electricity to farmers in rural areas – still a luxury for many in rest of the country. Many rural areas of Saurashtra, Gujarat proudly display air conditioned schools, biometric equipment as well as WIFI and CCTV cameras. All this is possible due to the diligent efforts of the government in Gujarat and the emerging class of modern farmer groups. Power and electricity is the heartbeat of every hamlet in India. It is the most pulsating need if we are intending to develop ourselves as a sustaining nation and this has been achieved in most of the rural areas of Saurashtra. Electrical poverty is one of the most highlighted topics of discussion and Gujarat has emerged as a winner here. The robust speeches, filled with promise of electrification by the Modi Government, right from 2014, are being realized in actuality as there is 100 % electrification in the State of Gujarat. Saurashtra itself is a step towards such economic kudos. In facts the regions like Porbundar and Amreli have also overcome the power deficits and this is one great accomplishment.

For agriculture sector, water is the raison-de-etre. Water conservation was a meticulous task in the agricultural state of Gujarat and water harvesting is a mega project in Saurashtra too. Though Gujarat has an admirable coastline of 1600 kms , uneven water table is one the biggest challenge due to the variance in rainfall each year. This has increased in the last few years and the irregularity of rains is an issue here. Uninterrupted water supply is maintained to cover the shortage of water due to rainfall and thus a steady supply is available for irrigation. Drinking water too is available for humans and livestock irrespective of the rainfall fluctuation. Saurashtra has overcome the problem of water logging as well as droughts with the intelligent use of updated technology to store water and also filter the same.

The bhungroo technique of pipelining which was esteemed by the United Nations is also adopted here. The VSES2018 is one such event that allows investors to showcase the state of art innovative equipment’s in water storing and water conserving to further the growth of the Agriculture in Gujarat. The summit also invites speakers to speak on rain water harvesting and innovative technology of mapping ground water in high volumes. Crop Diversification is a milestone achievement in Saurashtra. Owing to lifestyle changes, migration and preferences in food habits, the demand for grains, fruits, oil as well as allied products is changing. Saurashtra is a shining example of being self-sufficient, as it employs crop diversification methods to maximize produce both during the rabi and kharif season.

Experts are employed to understand ground tilling, newer methods of irrigation, seed testing and using viable methods to treat the non-arable areas of Saurashtra. It is indeed commendable that the balance between demand and supply for food crops and non-food crops is maintained and surplus is exported to other countries. Groundnut kernels is one such example that is exported to several countries. Saurashtra has also combated the problem of agricultural deficiencies using seed replacement rate methods, testing and using quality seeds that enhance the yield.  A higher sense of awareness is heightened in the rural agricultural set up about farming, seed profiling, diversifying the produce and also water conservation.  Thus the farmer in Saurashtra is also looking at future prospective that will double his income. The VSES2018 is the mega expo summit showcasing several opportunities for farmers, innovators, exhibitors and investors.

The Innovative agri-extension endeavour in Saurashtra is a highly resourceful initiative that bridges the gap between the farmer and government. Such programs are directed to facilitate schemes, funding and it also allows dissemination of information pertaining to harvesting, scientific crop diversification techniques.  This has created the spirit of optimism in the farmers of Gujarat on the whole. More and more agri-extension practitioners in Saurashtra state are indulging in improving the social and educational lives of the people associated in the agricultural sector of Gujarat which is going to be showcased in the mega event of Vibrant Saurashtra.

Thus the climate of Gujarat is upbeat with much happening in agri technology, power distribution, water conservation as well innovations in agri extension. The impetus is encouraging for the growth of agriculture in Gujarat and certainly there is no stopping for Sauraushtra to reap in more farming accolades.