How to inspire India’s youth to take up farming

India, the youngest country in the world with over 65% of the population below the age of 35, is shining bright and is making ground breaking progress in each and every field it is involved in, due credits to the youth of the nation who are leading the charge. India is a proud  agrarian country with abundant production of grains, pulses, food crops, livestock and this is our integral wealth. While the trends inspire people to gravitate towards seemingly progressive urban tables, many in India are literally returning to their roots i.e. farming, as they should. Agriculture which was once a humble occupation is now a mega scale activity and an industry. With international exports booming, profits are replacing the meagre earnings of a farmer who earlier produced crops for his own survival and relied on the mere barter system. There is a dynamic change in the field of agriculture with recent methods in farming and the Government of Gujarat supported initiative called Vibrant Saurashtra Expo and Summit is one such platform that is showcasing these trends. All this echoes Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi’s vision of ‘Kushaal Kissan, Samrudh Rashtra’ meaning ‘A happy farmer symbolises a prosperous state’.

It is essential to nourish our roots and direct young minds to take up agriculture as a profession and burst myths associated with farming. Envisioning a global change and portraying India in the world map, it is important that young farmers give an entrepreneurial edge to the farming patterns. With the exports improving, there is a lot of hope in increasing income of each farmer in India. The growth potential that agriculture in Gujarat has is stupendous and only the youth of India can and ideally they should make the best out of this. It is a marvel that small family farms are now changing as a recognized niche industry. With the advent of newer technology, seed testing techniques and organic manure, the quality of grains has improved to an amazing extent. In fact, there is more demand for many food crops which escalates the need for crop diversification. Using innovative systems of soil testing and tilling, diversification of crops gives the farmer a novel chance to double his income. VSES2018 is one such canvas that will display the latest trends in farming and is chaired by eminent dignitaries in the political field. It also hosts talks by successful entrepreneurs.

Upcoming support from the government includes subsidies, tax reprieves and quicker disbursement of loans from dedicated associations. From time to time, the government disseminates information that is directed towards the welfare of the farmer via rural finance, irrigation techniques, periodic discussion forums and education to the farmers about improving the produce. Robust schemes also contain insurance to the farmer to protect them during crop failure or volatile weather conditions. Right from farming, livestock management, veterinary council, purchase of agricultural land and agro industries, agriculture in Gujarat is seeing new dimensions that are tailored to help the farmers get into profitable farming solutions. It is quite interesting to listen to success stories of several industrialists who initially took up hobby farming and now have young heirs who are waiting to lift the plough. Organic farming is one such example which has changed the purview of the entire agricultural industry in India.  There is more demand and influx for medicinal herb farming, horticulture, exotic fruit farming and allied activities. Farming is no more about just tilling the ground but much about exports, packaging and marketing the products.

In the past farmers thought that the grass is greener on the other side, but it is evident now that agriculture is viewed as a promising professional industry. The scope is even more wide with the new age agricultural universities imparting education to students with full-fledged degrees which is also at the Doctorate level. Research is one major scope in the agricultural courses wand it reaps  so many benefits for the a young farmer. It is a proud feeling to see that several women farmers are now spearheading agriculture in several parts of India and this shall be witnessed at the mega event of Vibrant Saurashtra. Using mechanisation in technology and taking pride in preserving the most ancient occupation of India, farming is a progressive platform that dispels all myths pertaining to gender bias. This is one crucial step to change the rural scenario and add the flavour of patriotism and equality. With all this, farming is now an enterprising activity aided with the fresh insights from proactive youths who take pride in being the gen next farmers.